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The Land Monitor Project has now been in production since 1998 and is a great example of long term government agency collaboration and of leveraging significant benefits from small contributions. The Land Monitor project was initiated to deliver specific salinity and vegetation products derived from satellite imagery and continued from 2002 as a consortium to share knowledge and expertise to deliver a suite of products to support government needs focused on the south-west of WA. From 2018 Land Monitor entered a new era of delivering state wide satellite imagery products providing a basis for consistent monitoring products across Western Australia. The Land Monitor group has successfully delivered consistent, robust objective information (i.e. change detection over time) to inform statutory requirements, built on the principle of process once and use multiple times. The Land Monitor project avoids duplication of effort among state agencies and shares the cost of basic processing, storage and delivery of data. The summary products are analysis ready and used by the partner agencies as is or for further processing to suit each agency’s particular needs.

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